Chicken Leg Combo


A Glance at Our Store

Have you ever been to Tehran? If No, come to Arzon mall and feel like you’ve just stepped off a plane into Tehran!

We are a small strip mall where you can find amazing delicacies to eat. It is a crowded grocery store and the first Persian business in the Iranian plaza in Toronto and it handed to transform the neglected strip mall into a heart of the Iranian community.

Carl is the one who started it. He has an amazing personality; he has helped several families to have a job for living. The main goal of Arzon market is to provide high quality and affordable products for the customers. There’s a bakery, a catering, a grocery, and a pastry here at Arzon mall. Right after you step into our store you will be needless of other store. Not only will you be able to purchase whatever you need in our amiable shopping atmosphere, but also you have the opportunity to be familiar with the Iranian culture.