Welcome to Arzon Online Shopping!

Welcome to Arzon

Online Shopping!

Arzon stays open during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering online delivery. You can easily shop online and deliver your pantry needs to your door. Stay safe!

Order from our online grocery aisle or our fresh ready-made food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Arzon’s Online Grocery simplifies your grocery shopping: Place your order at Arzon.ca Choose the time slot and service (pickup or delivery) that suits you best. Our personal shoppers will prepare your order. *Preparation and delivery fees may apply. Minimum purchase required. Service available in select areas.

Our online grocery services are available in select areas. Visit here (online ordering link) and enter your postal code to check if you are eligible for delivery or pickup.

A personal shopper, a dedicated member of the Online Grocery team who’s specially trained to select the freshest items using the same care you’d use if you were doing it yourself, will prepare your order!

Arzon Supermarket maintains the freshness of your online order across three temperature zones (temperate, refrigerated and frozen), both in-store and in the delivery trucks.

Unlike some other online grocery services, Arzon doesn’t charge extra for same-day service (no fee for same-day pickup). Only our regular fees apply.

Add the items to your card and increase the quantity.

If customers order $50 or less ,they will charge them $10 for delivery.

If customers order $100 or more, they won’t be charged for delivery.(FREE Delivery)

No limitation. But for the shipment they will call the customer and will tell them the delivery charge. *For example, if someone places an order in Mississauga, they will call them and tell them how much it costs for delivery.

To provide our customers with the best experience and to ensure we have products available for every order, there are limits to what you can order

On the day of your scheduled delivery or pickup, you’ll get an email confirming your order details and the scheduled time slot you chose.

See Arzon’s return policy for more details.

We’ll bring your order right to your car!

The only service fees you pay are the ones you’ve already paid as shown on your receipt. Our delivery drivers are happy to offer you the best service possible and do so with no expectation of a tip.

We accept credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express) and Visa Debit. You can have more than one credit card in your saved payment methods, but you can only use one to pay for each online order.

On the day of your delivery or pickup, we’ll email you an electronic receipt with details about the final charges for your order. Keep a copy of this receipt for reference or any questions/issues with your order.

Credit cards and Visa Debit are the only payment methods currently accepted online.

Your order will be prepared by a personal shopper, a dedicated member of the Online Grocery team who’s specially trained to select the freshest items using the same care you’d use if you were doing it yourself!

Photos used are to illustrate the product but don’t necessarily reflect the quantity selected. Refer to your Shopping Cart to see the quantity you’ve chosen.

Your satisfaction is important to us. If there’s a problem with your order, give us a call at (416) 590-1234, (416) 222-4726 . We’ll help find a solution.

If you’re getting an error message, check the following requirements: The credit card number, name on the card , and CVV you’ve entered is a Visa/MasterCard/Amex or Visa Debit. The laptop, smartphone, etc. you’re using has a Canadian IP address. If all of the above is correct and you’re still getting an error message, connect with the bank that issued your credit card to check that the address and postal code associated with your card are correct.

If you use a public computer, just remember to close your session once you’ve placed your order and delete your user name or password used during your session.


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